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OCASP Board of Directors Position Descriptions:

Board of Director positions are elected by board members.  Only board members in good standing are nominated for a Board of Director position. With the exception of the President-Elect, each position is a one-year term.

Board of Directors
The President will serve for three years; one year as President-Elect, one as President, and one as Past-President. 
Plans, organizes, and facilitates board meetings.
Ensures that an agenda is planned for all board meetings, emails beforehand.
Ensures that all important matters are covered, gathering updates from board.
Schedules an appropriate time so that all board members can attend the meeting and notifies board members in advance of the location and time of the meetings.
Attends CASP Affiliate Day & leadership meeting(s)
Responsible for ensuring that the Board of Directors and its members:
Are aware of and fulfill their responsibilities
Conduct board business effectively and efficiently
Are accountable for their performance
Attend CASP convention    
Expected to leave the organization in better condition than when he/she took office.
Responsible for appointing all committees and allocating positions to new board members.
Expected to give vision and direction to the organization.
Serves as the main spokesperson for the organization.

The President-Elect serves for three years; one year as President-Elect, one as President, and one as Past-President. 
Actively shadows the President
Facilitates meetings/activities when President is unavailable
Attends CASP Affiliate Day & leadership meeting(s)
Assists the President in conducting organization affairs and prepares for own term.
In the event that the President resigns prior to the completion of a regular term, or is otherwise unable to perform the duties of the office, the President-Elect shall automatically assume the presidency and shall serve through own presidential term.
During this year the President-Elect should be thinking of what he/she would like to accomplish during his/her presidency.

Past President
The Past President will have served for three years; one year as President-Elect, one as President, and one as Past-President. 
Serves as a member of the Board of Directors
May attend the CASP Affiliate leadership meetings.
Shares ideas, guidance, and support to the current President.
Serves to support the President-Elect if the President resigns prior to the completion of a regular term, or is otherwise unable to perform the duties of the office
It is critical that the Past-President continue to take an active role in the direction and future of the organization.

Attends monthly board meetings and workshops.
Keeps an accurate, concise, permanent record of the proceedings of all meetings of the association and of the executive board. (These minutes are the legal record of OCASP. Minutes contain a record of what the group did, with action recorded in the order it took place. Minutes are entered in a permanent file.)
Prepares a list of unfinished business items for the President prior to meetings and assists with preparation of the agenda, if requested.
Has on hand for reference at each meeting a copy of the association regulations, mission statement, workshop calendar, and minutes of previous meetings.
Prepares the minutes and emails a copy to all board members soon after each meeting.
Responsible for all records, documents, and papers (except those assigned to others).
Regularly checks and responds to email, or forwards emails to specific recipients.
Performs other duties as the need arises.

Keeps board up to date with account funds via copy of the bank statement at each monthly board meeting.
Completes a spreadsheet of monthly spending and accountability of funds.
Ensures all board members are reimbursed for OCASP related purchases.
Responsible for continuing tax id with IRS (ours is through CASP)
Responsible for allocating funds to pay for board meeting expenses via OCASP account.
Responsible for transferring balance from the PayPal account to the bank account.
Keeps track of event finances including check requests, invoicing, and reporting.

Executive Board

Community Liaison & Social Media Coordinator
Takes the lead in organizing OCASP’s participation in outreach and community service opportunities.
Ensures that the organization maintains positive and productive relationships with media, funders, donors, and other organizations.
Updates OCASP Facebook and Instagram profile/page on a weekly/biweekly basis with current events, pictures, and OCASP happenings. Posts should include information that will benefit members and others who read it or that promote OCASP activities.

Event & Workshop Coordinator 

Serves as liaison with speakers and vendors on event-related matters.
Contacts workshop speakers/vendors for availability and maintains constant follow-up with speakers/vendors regarding attendance and handouts.
Provides updates at board meetings regarding speakers/vendors.
Responsible for booking location of workshop (APU, National, etc.).
Responsible for creating all workshop and event flyers.
Coordinates with Membership Coordinator, Community Liaison, and University Liaison(s) to ensure flyers are distributed in person/via email to all contacts.
Communicates with website coordinator when events and workshops need to be created and registration opened on website.
Sends out sign-up for the event/workshop duties, through Google Drive/email (i.e., setup, registration table, sign-ins, refreshments/food, supplies, signs, greeting, making & passing out handouts, making & managing certificate distribution, cleaning, etc.).
Manages on-site duties on day of workshop/event.

Membership Coordinator
Coordinates new/renewing membership applications and payments.
Creates and mails membership certificates.
Maintains database of current members and contacts.
Communicates with members about upcoming OCASP events/workshops
Communicates with members about other possible professional development opportunities within Orange County and surrounding areas, as appropriate.
Coordinates workshop registration.
Distributes workshop/event flyers to members.
Creates workshop completion certificates and distributes at workshop.
Responsible for distributing newsletter via email to members.

Webmaster/Media Coordinator
Maintains and updates website on a monthly basis of necessary items based on board member meetings.
Updates website each year with new board member positions, bios, & pictures; including new president’s welcome message.
Ensures accuracy and consistency of information on website.
Coordinates with Event Coordinator to post new event flyers and open registration for event registrants.
Coordinates with Membership Coordinator to track registrants for workshops.
Handles arrangement/set-up of payments for workshops and membership dues via PayPal.
Tracks needed items for website tabs (e.g., newsletters, flyers, photos, profiles, etc.).
Networks with school psychologists from different counties, cities, and states.

University Liaison(s)
Informs local School Psychology graduate programs about the resources and events that are offered by OCASP.
Encourages university students to join professional organizations, such as OCASP, to provide them with guidance and networking opportunities with professionals in the field.
Updates contact information for local universities.
Recruits new student members by visiting campuses.
Coordinates outreach events to the universities and face-to-face opportunities to connect with students and faculty at local university programs.

Held a previous position on Board
Attends all events and board meetings (not a voting member during meetings unless quorum is not met during start of meeting)
Develops and/or implements a membership recruitment and renewal plan in concert with the NASP Membership Committee.
Identify, encourage, and mentor new leaders.
Develop and/or Implement networking opportunities for members

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